Student Leadership

I don't know who said it first (and neither does the internet apparently) but the Lord has been highlighting a phrase in my mind for several weeks.  It goes like this, "What you win them with is what you win them to."  If we win a student's heart with only goofy games, then that is the version of Christianity that that student will live out.  Our heart at NorthRoad is to win a student's heart with discipleship in the Bible.  More specifically we want to win a student with worship, connection, and service (NorthRoad's core values) so that they will be won to worship God, connect with God and others, and serve God and others.  How do we go about this?

Refuge seeks to be a student ministry that is run by student leaders.  Shepherds don't make more sheep. Sheep make more sheep.  So we are currently organizing our students into leadership in the following ways:

1. Group Leaders-  High School students that are charged with leading in home bible studies with their peers.  They are the backbone of our High School ministry, teaching and evangelizing to the students.  Our groups are open to everyone in High School and meet throughout the week.

2. Group Apprentices - These are students that have been chosen by our leadership to begin the process of learning to be a group leader.  They work with group leaders and often quickly become leaders of their own small group.  

3. Team Leaders - These are High School students who are charged with the behind the scenes work of Refuge Student Ministries.  We are currently starting up 5 teams, but more will be established as we go.  They are:

a. Worship Team - All things musical
b. Tech Team - Sound, Lights, Propresenter
c. Party Team - Food, Decor, Stage Design
d. Street Team - Advertising, Social Media, Check-ins, Promo Videos
e. Rec Team - Games and Sporting Events

4. Team Members - These are students of ANY AGE that wish to serve on a Team.  If you're interested in running sound, SIGN UP for the tech team!  If you're interested in making funny videos, SIGN UP for the Street Team! This is the entry level into student leadership! We plan to promote from within these teams! 

If you're interested in being in Student Leadership click HERE and fill out the online application!  We would love to get you plugged in!