Welcome to NorthRoad!
Considering a visit? We would love to meet you...


Here are a few things you can expect to help prepare for your visit:

  • Music led by a band (more modern style)

  • Practical teaching that tackles real life struggles and topics

  • Prayer and reflection

  • Opportunities to talk with a Pastor

  • Relaxed environment

  • Friendly people

  • Genuine care for you

  • Free coffee

Our hope is that you feel refreshed, encouraged and "at home" when you visit Northroad. We also have age appropriate programming for your students and children all the way to babies. 

Here are the service times you can choose from (services are identical):

8:45 & 10:00am

Each service lasts around an hour


If you would like to speak with someone prior to visiting, please do not hesitate!


      Lead Pastor: matt@northroadchurch.com

      Executive Pastor: shawn@northroadchurch.com

      Campus Pastor: bob@northroadchurch.com

      Family Pastor: chez@northroadchurch.com
      Worship Pastor: daniel@northroadchurch.com
      Student Pastor: jared@northroadchurch.com
      Children's Director: faith@northroadchurch.com
      Children's Director: allie@northroadchurch.com

      Creative Director: josh@northroadchurch.com 

      Communications Director: drew@northroadchurch.com


Here is the map of our location for your convenience: