Refuge Bigger & Better Scavenger Hunt

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April 27, 2019

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Category: Students | Coordinator: Jared Prindle

Bigger & Better

Get a team of 4 students and 1 adult driver. Register your team (Only one person has to register, but be sure to fill out the questions with the other's names)

Driver must be a high school graduate and approved by Jared.

Meet at the church at 1pm, April 27th. Clock starts after we go over the rules.

You will be given a small item. It is your job to take that item and trade it with whoever for something bigger or better. You can keep trading items until the time is up.

You and your whole team (driver included) must be back inside the church building at 3:30pm.

Judges will choose the winning item.

You will be judged based on (1) the value of your final item and (2) the size of the item.

All items will go towards the Refuge Garage Sale May 3-4.

Winner gets a traveling trophy and bragging rights until next year.

Let the games begin!

To register, click HERE

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