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God has called Northroad Church


since day one to reach families and to help them see His purpose for their lives. The only way we are ever going to accomplish this huge goal is to activate our lives, facilities, resources, and hearts in such a way that we would become God’s healing touch for those who desperately need to know Him and His purpose for their lives. God is calling us to our highest level of sacrifice yet.  Sacrifice of our time, our talents, and our treasures that will take us to a level with God many of us have never seen before! Are you ready to be Activated? Turned on by the love of God in such a way that others’ lives will be different because of you?  For seven years now, Northroad has been a beacon of hope for people.  A light in a dark world that directs them toward the love of Christ. At Northroad, our goal is to bring extreme focus on that light as we expose darkness in certain areas, and replace that darkness with the light of Christ; which is a light of love, hope, and incredible purpose. 

Will you be that light?

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