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God called Northroad Church to go


and plant on a road called North Highway 61. In the book of Acts, there is a story of a little-known disciple named Phillip. He was an obedient follower of Christ that at the point of this story was doing amazing things for God. He was healing paralytics, casting out demons and helping people to know Jesus Christ daily when God came to him with a strange request… “Go stand on a random desert road.”

The bible accounts that immediately Phillip left what was safe and comfortable and started out on his journey with great expectations of what God was going to do on that road. Upon arriving on the road he met a leader among the Ethiopians that needed someone to explain the Bible to him. It was a divine encounter in the making! Phillip offered to help him, and over a few hours, time introduced the Ethiopian leader to the savior of the world; Jesus Christ! A leader of Ethiopia that would soon take the story of Jesus back to his people and change their lives forever.

Like Phillip, God has called Northroad Church to that very same challenge… to go and plant on a road called North Highway 61. His plans are incredible and his goal is to select out a few people, like yourself that will walk with expectant faith and stand as a light to those around them!


Will you be that light?